Waterproofing for
safety and longevity

Cutting no corners with our reliable and premium approach to waterproofing solutions, Innovare guards residential and commercial properties against water damage with the most effective membrane materials. Our experienced technicians are experts in grouting and sealing both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re looking to uplift a damp space or construct an area protected from the get-go, Innovare is here for your home or business. Expect a long-lasting confidence that your build is water-secure and durable as we test on the day and look forward to the future.

Protecting Water-
Prone Spaces

  • Deck waterproofing
  • Bathroom waterproofing
  • Grout and seal specialists
  • Leak detection and maintenance

Where Quality And Expertise Intertwine

Across government, commercial, industrial and residential areas throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our experienced team is committed to results that stand the test of time and experiences you can look back on fondly.

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